Complexity doesn’t need to be complicated.

Cynergy is a business technology consulting firm that specializes in carrier and managed services. We have a 20+ year track record of delivering complex technology solutions for our Clients. To date, we have implemented more than 2,000 solutions for Clients with domestic and global operations in the enterprise and SMB marketplace.

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How We can Help VARs

For the last three years, IT budgets have stagnated. As a result, everyone who is pursuing the  10% of the business marketplace that is small to mid-size is feeling the squeeze. Due to heated competition, margins have shrunk. IT services have been commoditized, but many of the businesses working to grow marketshare aren’t competitors. For… Read more »

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Who Should you Commit to in Your Partnership?

As a telecom master agent, we understand the power of partnerships, but we also understand that partnerships is a sort of buzzword. In the telecom/IT industry, agents will do business with a VAR and call them a partner, even if they are another partner’s competitor. Calling everyone who you conduct business with a “partner” dilutes… Read more »

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